Does Your Child Have These Autism Symptoms?

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As you may know by now there is no disorder as confusing to comprehend or as complex to diagnose as autism. And, no disorder has more myths and misconceptions surrounding it than autism.

In fact, University of California scientists and clinicians all agree that the earlier an autistic child starts a program, the better the symptoms can be treated, yet for infants and toddlers an accurate diagnosis can take several years.

As a result, many parents are confused, worried and frustrated.

And, once diagnosed hopes get shattered ... dreams get crushed ... and what should be a joyous parenting experience becomes what feels like an eternity of confusion and pain.

Does my child really have autism? What will his or her future be like? How can I identify with what they are thinking and feeling? What can I do to enhance my autistic child's future? What are the autistic signs, causes and symptoms?

These are only a handful of unanswered questions that might cross an autistic parent’s mind. How many questions would you like answered?

"Research indicates that early identification is associated with dramatically better outcomes for individuals with autism. The earlier a child is diagnosed, the earlier the child can begin benefiting from one of the many specialized intervention approaches to treatment and education." - Autism Society of America

Dr. Jessica Jones,
Seattle, WA

"My Son's Behavior Improved"

"Knowing more about my son's disorder, the various treatments, and the numerous tips and training strategies have been a huge help. You have given me a glimpse through my son's eyes and I'm sincerely grateful."

We interviewed recognized expert Dr. Newmark and he reveals sobering and exciting facts about autism causes, symptoms & treatments

Shortly, the myths will be put to rest and your most pressing questions answered.

But before I reveal the facts, let me first tell you a bit about myself - and why, what I'm about to share with you is concise factual information.

My name is Scott Boyd and a while back my nephew, Justin, was diagnosed with autism disorder.

Like most families we had no idea what to expect, no idea how much Justin could understand, or what we could do to ease his burden and eliminate his pain.

My brother (Justin's father) was devastated - and my sister-in-law vowed to digest all the information she could about the autism disorder.

Problem was; most of the internet information my sister-in-law found wasn't medical, but advice, opinions and words of support written by other parents.

She soon discovered that no "standard therapy" was being used to treat the symptoms, and that different doctors were prescribing different options, natural, medical and alternative.

She realized that many treatments were expensive, and most hadn't even been fully researched; while others presented confusing and conflicting results.

What a mess!

And, without a reliable and trustworthy source of information, I watched my brother and sis get even more discouraged and depressed. Our family was in turmoil, and I wanted to help.

So I asked ... How can I help? Did they need extra cash ... different doctors ... a support network ... extra care provider help?

Their answer causes a surprise...

"They were desperate for accurate information to reduce autism symptoms"

So, being somewhat of a research specialist, I started to gather information.

And, no offence to my sister-in-law, but I found a ton. It wasn't easy, but I uncovered hard to find research about autism disorder and Aspergers Syndrome.

But like most things, I couldn't be certain it was reliable.

What I needed was an expert ... a medical researcher who could comprehend and interpret the cornucopia of valuable information that I had gathered...

Someone who could make heads or tails out of the whitepapers and research studies I uncovered.

Someone who had access to the leading doctors, research scientists, and studies that I couldn't reach.

So I hired one of the best, Dr. Karen Vieira PhD, a research scientist specialist with extensive experience and hands-on experience doing medical, nutritional and alternative research.

Dr. Vieira has taken all the information I collected, sorted through it and separated all the treasures from the trash, plus she interviewed top-notch physicians, pediatricians, neurologists and professionals from therapy centers, so we could nail down the facts.

Then, she rewrote it into a book, so it would be easy for even the most basic medical mind, like mine, to grasp all aspects of the autism disorder.

And, when I showed the book to my brother and sister-in-law they were ecstatic.

Then, one day it dawned on me, if my family had such a difficult time finding and sorting through the available information, perhaps other families did too.

So, I decided to create an all-inclusive, factual, easy-to-understand resource that would answer a family's most pressing issues and help them to comprehend the causes and reduce or eliminate autism symptoms.

And, now this widespread information is delivered in an easy-to-read eBook and interview recording with an autism treatment specialist. All of which interpret and condense the latest research studies, drugs, therapies, treatments, supplements, diet, and characteristics, plus much more - and provide parents an accurate and reliable resource that can help them deal with the autism disorder.

Christine Phelps,
St. Paul, MN
Special Education Teacher

"You answered my questions and then some!"

"When I suspected my son had autism I didn’t know where to turn. My doctor was vague and the information I found was really confusing. Thankfully I found you. The information in your ebook answered many of my questions and helped me prepare some specific questions to ask my doctor. Please contact me when you discover more."

Within you'll...

I know, there is a ton of info, but your Family will thank me

Sandra Kau,
Sacramento, CA
Loving Mom

"Very Impressive!"

"I have been researching autism, for what seems forever, since my son was first diagnosed. I thought I knew a lot about the disorder, but you proved me wrong. I was blown away at how easily you explained ADS and all the treatments that are available. Everything was very interesting and informative. Thank you."

There is a lot more you won't want to miss

"Discover the Results of Specialized Treatments for 100's of Patients with Autism"

You also get an in-depth audio interview with a leading autism treatment specialist. Here, Dr. Karen Vieira interviews Dr. Sandy Newmark as he answers parents' "most pressing concerns" about the Autism Disorder.

Listen to leading autism expert, Dr. Newmark, as he reveals the results of many years of natural and medical treatments covering all treatment options, some of which may be new to you. You will also learn which natural treatments provide a definate reduction in symptoms in many children with autism. And soy?...Don't rely on Soy until you hear this interview. And Dr. Newmark discusses an organization that may have a doctor that is an autism expert in your area.

Click the play button below to hear a free sample

His expert opinion is a real eye-opener! Something you won’t want to miss.

Newmark Reveals:

Dr. Sandy Newmark, a physician with 19 years of experience in pediatrics has been practicing medicine since 1984. A specialist with interest in Behavioral Problems such as ADHD and Autism, Newmark completed a two-year fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under the leadership of acclaimed best-selling author and world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil.

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Protect you child's future with this information!

The more precise the information, the more courage you'll have to get involved in your child's treatments and to make more informed decisions about what therapies to invest in.

And, when you have information you can trust, you will...

"A Comprehensive Resource Revealing the Latest Autistic Discoveries"

NOW, there's finally an all-inclusive and reliable source of information about autism, all in one book and interview.

When used in conjunction with a trusted therapist and physician, this substantive resource book, called: Autism: everything parents and caregivers should know about the disorder will make a sizeable impact on the quality of your family's interaction.

Imagine gaining some control. Imagine being able to make decisions based on precise information. Imagine reducing autism symptoms yourself from home.

Forget feeling helpless and hopeless, forget about being kept in the dark - because this resource book provides concise factual information and everything changes.

"Shedding New Light on Such a Complex and Puzzling Disorder!"

I'm guessing you're a person who would do practically anything to improve your child's quality of life, correct?

However, with most treatments being expensive and experimental, it's often hard to determine what you should invest in first.

Autism: everything parents and caregivers should know about the disorder helps set the record straight. It will shed new light and help guide you toward treatments that are most effective for your family.

It will enhance your comprehension of what your child is experiencing, and the small things to help them reduce the autism symptoms.

So, if you have unanswered concerns or are wondering if there is anything more that you can be doing, then this resource book is for you.

It will clarify the myths and dispel the misconceptions, so from here on in you may make informed and educated decisions about your family's future.

It's a resource that no parents with autistic children should do without.

But, the only way to get this detailed information is to order the eBook here.

For only $19 (The price of family night at a movie on a Saturday night) discover the latest treatments, therapies, drugs, foods, supplements, diet and minerals that can help reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Click to Instantly Download the Report, AND Summaries of The Best Selling Books on Autism, and Articles, and Special Reports

No Waiting for Shipping and You are Saving the Environment!

Heck, if you pay for the wrong treatment, hire an unqualified care provider, or waste funds on an ineffective herb, diet or supplement, it can cost three, four or even five times as much.

Now, you're probably wondering... if this information is so valuable and terrific why not give it away and unconditionally help others, right?

Well, it's because the disorder is confusing and complex to diagnose – and new treatments are being explored daily.

My plan is to keep on top of this disorder and to invest time and funds to uncover even more - and to accomplish all that unfortunately takes cash.

In a year or two this information may be stale, and a whole lot of new discoveries will need to be sorted and explained.

That's why, right now Autism: everything parents and caregivers should know about the disorder can be yours for a low, one-time investment of only $19.

And as an added bonus, order today and you’ll also receive these incredible resources at no extra cost!

Summary of 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism (book in stores $24.95)

Winner of a Teachers' Choice Award, the first edition of this book has already become a bestseller throughout the autism community. Now, in this expanded edition, authors Ellen Notbohm and Veronica Zysk have added over 400 new ideas. With this book, parents and professionals can bypass countless hours spent seeking answers to the mystifying day-to-day challenges of autism.

Report on the Complete Guide to Asperger's (book in stores $24.95)

from "The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome" is the definitive handbook for anyone affected by Asperger's syndrome (AS). It brings together a wealth of information on all aspects of the syndrome for children through to adults.Drawing on case studies and personal accounts from Attwood's extensive clinical experience, and from his correspondence with individuals with AS, this book is both authoritative and extremely accessible. The chapters examine: causes and indications of the syndrome; the diagnosis and its effect on the individual; theory of mind; the perception of emotions in self and others; social interaction, including friendships; long-term relationships; teasing, bullying and mental health issues; the effect of AS on language and cognitive abilities, sensory sensitivity, movement and co-ordination skills; and, career development.

Summary of The Autism & ADD Diet (book in stores $14.99)

from A Step-by-Step Guide to the GFCF Diet by Barrie Silberberg is filled with insightful information and useful resources to help those with ASD and ADHD implement a diet free of preservatives, gluten and casein. Considered controversial by some, the author addresses this in easy-to-understand language, presents scientific study and passionately shares her own remarkable success in alleviating her son Noah's behavioral symptoms.

Summary of Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism (book in stores $19.95)

Individuals with autism symptoms are reportedly one of the most difficult populations to toilet train. This book offers effective strategies that take the childs sensibilities into account instead of trying to force traditional methods. Tips, case examples, and cautions help make the process more of a lesson and less of a battle for all involved.

Autism Special Report: Tips To Enhance Your Family's Quality of Life ($27 value)

* Tips about which natural supplement helps autistic children sleep
* Tips for getting your autistic child photographed
* Techniques for potty training an autistic child
* Tips for traveling with an autistic child
* Dairy free diet treatment of symptoms
* Tips for celebrating holidays with your autistic child
* Set scheduling needs of autistic children
* And many more

Bonus: Autism Article Library

1. A Gift of Sight: Visual Perception Treatment for Autistic Children
2. Achieving Self-control with Autism
3. Are We There Yet? Family Vacations with Autistic Children
4. Autistic Children and the Strain on Marriage
5. Autistic Forms of Teaching and Tolerance
6. Bad Apples on the Family Tree
7. Bottles of Pills: Medication Options for Autistic Patients
8. Busting the Autism Stereotypes
9. Dealing with Asperger Syndrome
10. Dietary Concerns: Glutton and Casein
11. Doctors and Diagnosing Autism
12. Eliminating the Source: What Causes Autism
13. Finding What Works: Dealing with Autism
14. Know Your Rights: Laws and Autism
15. My Child is Autistic-and I don't Know what to Do...
16. Robotic Hugs: How a Hug Can Help Your Autistic Child
17. Self-Injury: How to Stop this Dangerous Practice
18. Sibling Rivalry: How Brothers and Sisters can Cope with Autistic Family Members
19. Smooth Transitions: School to Work
20. Sounding Off: How Auditory Stimulation Helps an Hurts and Autistic Child
21. The Power of Music - Musical Therapy to Treat Autism
22. The Terrible Teens - Dealing with Autistic Teenagers
23. The Unfortunate Epidemic: Sexual Abuse in the Autistic World
24. What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?
25. When Lying isn't a Problem: Theory of Mind Difficulties
26. Let Your Autistic Child be a Kid
27. Potty Training an Autistic Child
28. How to Cope as a Parent of an Autistic Child
29. Treatments for Aspergers Syndrome
30. Tips for Getting your Autistic Child Photographed
31. Accepting the Diagnosis of Autism
32. Autism and the School System
33. Signs of Persuasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
34. Melatonin Helps Autistic Children Sleep
35. What are the Signs of Aspergers Syndrome
36. What is Persuasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
37. How PPDNOS is Diagnosed
38. Autistic Children Need Schedules
39. What Causes Autism
40. Dairy Free Diet Strategies
41. How Autism is Diagnosed
42. Alternative Treatments for Autism
43. Medicine Used to Treat Autism
44. Is my Child Autistic
45. Gluten Free Diet Strategies
46. Traveling With an Autistic Child
47. Tips for Celebrating Holidays with Your Autistic Child

Remember, you get much more than the most up to date and detailed book. This package includes a highly-informative, well-written eBook and Dr. Sandy Newmark's expertise, a physician who since 2003 has treated well over 150 autistic children ... plus, a bonus eBook Special Report on the top tips for families, three bestsellers summarized, and 50 articles.

"All Myths and Misconceptions Have Been Put to Rest"

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